SCB has partnered to develop and execute an award-winning digital transformation strategy. The approach combined advanced data and analytics with people-centric processes and tools. The first step was to harden the data lake by migrating the bank's main data repository to Microsoft Azure Cloud, making SCB the first bank in the region to achieve this milestone. The team also made it easier to access and use data and analytics by deploying Microsoft Power BI to create interactive dashboards for multiple business areas. To improve cash management at ATMs, the team used artificial intelligence and a combination of advanced machine learning techniques to analyze over 12 million transaction data points and over 200 variables such as locations, billing days, seasons and holidays to determine the optimal cash level. for each ATM. Creating a data-driven culture requires more than just new technologies and analytics.

Data management and change management are required to help employees adapt to new ways of working. The establishment of the Data Management Office, the Analytical Center of Excellence and the bank-wide data management program helped to implement clear guidelines for the efficient and secure use of data and analytics. Marketers can now leverage this data into interactive Power BI dashboards to identify and create personalized marketing messages for potential customers based on their lifestyle, interests, and financial needs. In addition, automated underwriting risk management tools reduce the processing time for loan applications. .