Looking ahead, we can envision a path in which AI is moving beyond current use cases, adding sophistication that fundamentally enables new ways of interacting with clients and transforming the productivity of consultants and firms. The focus may shift to building intelligent products, hyper-personalized and multi-channel customer experiences, and para-planning automation to increase consultant time for portfolio and relationship management. Five years from now, there will be new ways to innovate in money management that we haven't imagined yet, in response to disruptive forces, as well as how AI itself will continue to evolve. Admittedly, this is still a long way off, but since 84% of our survey participants agree that AI will change the industry, companies should be on that path today. Whether your company is just shaping its vision or already on the path to it, three key actions can help you: 1. Take stock honestly Where are you compared to the industry in terms of vision and value? Have you completed the basics? Are you getting the right sponsorship and moving fast enough? 2. Think about your firm's strategy What do you want to achieve? Take stock of what AI has to offer in this area – now and later.

3. Define two “no regrets” steps Find two actions you can take over the next 30 days, tailored to your strategy and maturity, with an eye for clear results. To run a marathon, you must be able to run a mile. Implementing AI requires preparation, training, and time to make sure the business, operations, and technology are ready for the transition—both from the consultant’s and the client’s perspective. Success isn't just about speed, money, more data, or a single leader - it's about moving deliberately, placing investments in the right places, getting the right ideas, and delivering the right opportunities. For asset managers, one thing is clear: the time to act is now. .