Our research shows that three out of four leaders understand that they need to scale AI across the organization to stay competitive—and in business as a whole. But many struggle to realize the full value of their AI projects and move from POC to manufacturing because there is no clear path to "life". To scale effectively, organizations must have a clear AI strategy, diverse teams, and an ethical framework built into their AI, among other things. In practice, it remains difficult for companies to move from thinking about AI as a source of innovation to a critical source of business value. The pilot is in a state of paralysis. Why? So far, there hasn't been a proven plan for scaling, and organizations can fall into some common traps. First, companies don't have an AI roadmap or "route to life" steps to effectively and efficiently move their AI project from POC to production.

AI is different from the "traditional" software implementation projects that are typically created by companies. Changing the status quo requires flexibility, a willingness to try a new way of working, and the ability to recognize when an idea works and when it should be abandoned. Second, the unfamiliar AI landscape also means that companies may be tempted to revert to their time-tested behaviors, reinvent the wheel and build from scratch. Big mistake. There are many proven and inexpensive AI options that you can buy off the shelf and start using right away. It is critical to build on what already exists, customize as needed for the organization, and start proving the value of AI as the first step to successful scaling. But don't get carried away with technology.

Lead your business strategy and vision and let them guide your approach to AI. Focus on finding the right way to work that allows AI to thrive, diversify skills and talents beyond data scientists. And from the very beginning, implement the right approach to management based on results. Applying these critical success factors can help you unlock the next wave of exponential value through successful AI scaling. .